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  Just some oil and one’s hands – massage must be the oldest of therapies; after all, massage is basically a refinement of touch, specialised touch. 
  Swedish Massage: takes its name from the Swedish physiologist, Per Henrik Ling, who created a scientific system of massage by combining Eastern and Western techniques in the late 1800’s. 
 It is a firm, usually whole body massage, particularly valuable in reducing stress and inducing relaxation, a general conditioner. 
  Sport and Remedial Massage: was largely pioneered in the sports world but the armoury of techniques is of course equally relevant whether or not the injury occurred on the sports field! Some remedial massage techniques are also used in other holistic therapies but remedial massage is one of the least invasive.
  Pre and Post Event Sports Massage: this usually means immediately before or after an event, e.g. athletics or a match of some sort. In this situation the massage is quite different and usually performed on site, at the event. Deep massage before an event is counterproductive and tends to reduce performance; consequently, pre-event massage is light and brisk to warm up and stimulate muscles and circulation. Similarly after the event – the massage will be slightly deeper (not deep because of likely tenderness) and more leisurely and relaxing. 
  However: when “pre-event” means days or weeks before the event then the massage will be deep with plenty of stretches using special techniques and will most likely mean a series of massages leading up to the event; in fact regular massage should be regarded as part of the training programme.  
 Contact me at : – “Greenacres” 
13 Links Road, Sheringham NR26 8LR, 
Tel – 01263 823645 or 07775788138

Gwen Thurtle

Only here you are always welcome, together with neue online casinos you have no equal! Gwen has qualified as a Massage Practitioner, Sports Massage Practitioner and Reflexologist with I.T.E.C (International Therapists Education Council). She trained at the Alison Rostron School of Massage, which is a highly regarded private school in Norwich. Achieving a diploma in seated acupressure, she then studied advanced massage techniques (deep tissue and trigger point work) with The London Massage Company. Gwen then returned to Norfolk to study sports massage, hydrotherm massage and ultra-sound therapy.

Sportlink Running & Fitness, based in Norwich, Norfolk has more than 20 years experience in the sports industry providing first class and professional advice, video gait analysis and biomechanical assessments for runners whilst helping you choose the right equipment for your individual and specific needs. For more information please contact us on 01603 868606.

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