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Organic Wheatgrass
Having started the jak oszukac maszyne sizzling hot, you will understand that you do not need any training and skills, since the rules of these online games are completely simple for everyone and intuitive. Therefore, this slot online freely and calmly here. Wheatgrass contains a broad spectrum of high quality vegetable nutrition and is among the richest sources of minerals, enzymes, B vitamins, antioxidants and complex proteins.
It also contains raw chlorophyll, which is basically condensed sunlight. Chlorophyll is closer to hemin, a substance that helps make up the molecular structure of human blood, than anything else on the planet.
This means that wheatgrass delivers nutrients in ways that are readily absorbed into your blood stream. Only here you are always welcome, together with neue online casinos you have no equal!

No wonder wheatgrass is classed as a ‘superfood’. By virtue of the complexity, range and number of nutrients it contains, wheatgrass provides essential raw materials from which your body can readily manufacture the goodness it needs to balance its own chemistry.

10 years ago I had a bout of illness that lasted a couple of years. Doctors told me I had ME but I wasn’t convinced. They also told me I was depressed. Yes I was depressed but only because I wasn’t getting better and no one was giving me a solution. Several specialists and many doctor appointments later I gave up with everything medical. What I needed has come from a different source and I made it my mission to discover it.
I radically changed my diet as I found out I suffered from Candida. I became vegan and ate only organic. Within six months I went from lethargic mother of three, who could hardly be bothered to get out of bed to a motivated mama on a mission.
The diet was great but there was still something missing I didn’t have the joie de vivre and energy I had in my youth, and that’s what I wanted! I searched through endless web sites and books until I found Ann Wigmore (the mother of wheatgrass) and the Alkaline diet. The penny dropped, everything I read made complete sense.
Maybe you’ve heard about wheatgrass but not why it works on your health and energy levels. This is what i discovered.

Your health and energy directly relates to the pH of your blood. Our blood, measured on the pH scale is slightly alkaline, 7.365. The scale runs between 0 – 14.
7 is neutral, 14 very alkaline, 0 being very acidic. Your body has to keep the pH of your blood cells and other fluids at a slightly alkaline level, and it will do anything it has to do in order to maintain this balance.

Our body’s regulatory mechanisms work to maintain the internal acid/alkaline balance. We do not tolerate acid over load, the first signs of which are; head aches, acid reflux, allergies, IBS, indigestion and sinus problems. If the imbalances get greater then more serious conditions start effecting our organs, thyroid gland, adrenals, liver and so on. Eventually cancer, heart disease and diabetes take hold. These 3 western killers develop from an acidic state.
A declining pH just can’t be allowed. To stop this the blood begins to take alkaline minerals from the body tissues. There is a family of minerals particularly suited to neutralising strong acids these include sodium, potassium, and magnesium. When these minerals react with acids they create a much less harmful substance, which the body can eliminate.
A healthy body maintains a reserve supply of these alkaline mineral to meet emergency demands. However if there are insufficient amounts in the diet they are recruited elsewhere. For instance calcium will be drawn from the bones to neutralize too much acid.
Have you ever wondered why there is such a huge increase in osteoporosis? People that eat a typical western diet tend to become acidic and lack alkaline minerals.
So how can you help boost your reserves of alkaline minerals so that your body doesn’t leech them from within?
The easy way is by eating them.


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