North Norfolk Coastal Fitness – TLC
North Norfolk Coastal Fitness  -  For a fitter healthier YOU

TLC – Total Low impact, Conditioning  class

A class with options of seated or standing exercises for your health and wellbeing
Monday’s 11.00am
Wednesday’s 11.00am
Friday’s 13.30 from Sept 2015
At the Lighthouse church

£5.00 for a one hour class
or £30.00 per month subscription

On Mondays there is an opportunity to have a drink and a chat with instructors and other clients after the class

Having started the jak oszukac maszyne sizzling hot, you will understand that you do not need any training and skills, since the rules of these online games are completely simple for everyone and intuitive. Therefore, this slot online freely and calmly here. A class that is suitable for people who want to do something about their health and wellbeing but can no linger sit for hours on a mat, jump around in an aerobic class, or those with illness or restricted mobility.

“If you try you might, 
if you don’t you wont’

In the TLC class we do exercises to activate the feet, legs hands, arms, back, neck region and even the eyes and the brain. Members are motivated to regain vitality, by improving circulation and movement focusing on balance and coordination. Only here you are always welcome, together with neue online casinos you have no equal!

We help and support participants to adapt and work to their ability, gently progressing, trying but not pushing through pain.

In the TLC class members practice daily maintenance exercises, which can be used in the home.
So take charge of your body. Increasing your physical wellbeing will enhance your joy of life and inner peace

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